Rogerian Argument

n 1500+ words, not including the Works Cited, write an argument on a  controversial issue.  You should clearly follow the Rogerian  model . 
Here is a summary of the basic strategy for a Rogerian argument, and the infographic on the following page should be helpful as well.

 first, introduce the problem.
Acknowledge the other side before you present your side of the issue. This most likely will take several  paragraphs.  Research is required. Use neutral language
Next, you should carefully present your side of  the issue in a way that does not dismiss the other side. This most  likely will also take several paragraphs. Use neutral language. 
You should then work to bring the two sides together.  Make your proposal for the middle ground here, and be sure to use an  even, respectful tone. Help your audience see the benefits of the middle  ground you propose by using relevant research.  This compromise must be  practical, realistic, and supported by research. This section should be  the key focus and will take several paragraphs.
Finally, in your conclusion, remind your audience of the balanced perspective you have presented and make it clear how both sides benefit when they meet in the middle. 

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Rogerian Argument
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As always, will be graded for content, organization, grammar, and MLA format and documentation.


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