Risk management study

Perform an abbreviated risk management study on your personal computer. Conduct an asset identification, threat identification, vulnerability appraisal, risk assessment, and risk mitigation. Under each category, list the elements that pertain to your system. What major vulnerabilities did you uncover? How can you mitigate the risk? What is your plan for securing your personal system? Are you going to implement the plan? Why? Or Why Not? {50-70 WORDS}

 Research at least 3 port scanner applications that you can download on to your computer or virtual machine VM. Install and run each of them. Examine the results. Based on your study, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Which one of these scanners would you recommend to your organization? Why? Which would you prefer for personal use? Is your recommendation different for professional or personal use? Why? {50-70 WORDS}

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Risk management study
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