Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Apply the rhetorical situation; assertions, reasoning, and evidence; and rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, and ethos) that we have learned about in the eText, taking note of significant moments when the author’s use of rhetoric is especially apparent, ineffective, or effective.Develop a working thesis. (Remember, you are focusing on HOW the author writes, not WHAT she writes. Your thesis should be arguable, specific, and supportable. Your thesis should be a judgment on how effective the author’s text is based on her use of rhetorical strategies. Your thesis should not have anything to do with how you personally feel about the author’s topic.)Organize your ideas.Develop topic sentences for all body paragraphs that do at least these two things:Provide the main point of that paragraphRelate back to the thesis (overall judgment of the article) clearlyLocate, use, cite, and comment upon some specific passages and moments from your chosen text in your essay in order to support the claims you make about the rhetorical strategies the author uses and the effectiveness of the author’s text.Only summarize in the introduction where you should briefly summarize the article.Keep in mind that your essay must be coherent and cohesive; tie all the points you choose to make (topic sentences) together with a main claim (thesis).Make sure you have STRONG introduction and conclusion paragraphs.Include a Works Cited page with your text cited correctly in MLA format.Double spaced

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay
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