review cas 325B

write the review about this video
Title: Producteen! An App that Promotes Productivity and Effective Screen Time for Teens!
Tagline: “Productivity Up; Screen Time Down! Let’s Conquer This One Task at a Time!” ( HERE THE LINK OF THE VIDEO)
Maintain professionalism when offering feedback please!
The follow-up evaluation of other projects is to be completed as an INDIVIDUAL.
Here are the areas for evaluation:
CREATIVITY: Evaluate the campaign product based on level of creativity and use of creative skills.
DEVELOPMENTAL APPROPRIATENESS: Evaluate the campaign product based on its demonstration of developmentally appropriate content and approach.
PROFESSIONALISM: Evaluate the campaign product based on its professional presentation and ability to look credible in the public environment.
EFFECTIVE: Evaluate the campaign product based on its overall and specific effectiveness with the audience intended. WOULD IT WORK?
IMPROVEMENTS: State what could be done to improve this product or make it suitable for use in the real world.

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review cas 325B
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