Research Proposal and Plan

The purpose of the research proposal assignment is to design and propose a research initiative on your chosen managerial topic that you have been working on in various modules of this course. The learning outcome that this assignment addresses is how to actively design, plan, and communicate your research intentions. Your professional research proposal will consist of 10 pages that include an introduction, literature review, methods section, ethics considerations, instruments, qualitative analysis plan, and conclusion. 

Title Page: Project title; Researcher Name, Course title, Professor, APA format (1)
1-2 page Introduction: Background/Purpose of the project; (2) Rationale for the study; Necessary Background/Context; (2) Research question that lines up with qualities of a good research question as discussed in class (4); Outline of the project proposal to follow – include all aspects of report. (2) (Times New Roman font size 12, dbl spaced.) (Total 10 Marks)
1-2 page Literature Review: Relevance of the study, (1) What have at least four other researchers learned about your topic? (4) What are the typical research methods that have been employed? (1) Are there gaps to be explored or contradictions to be addressed? (1) What needs to be studied in more detail? (1) Where does your study fit in contributing to this knowledge(1) (Total 9 Marks)
3-5 page Methods Section: must include: (i) the research question/objective (1); (ii) research orientation or methodology / design of procedures and methods (2); (iii) sampling approach and how you will recruit your sample or subject, (1) ethical considerations (1); (iv) interview / focus group or notetaking schedule/questionnaire/instrument with informed consent statement (7) (v) analysis plan or coding framework (1) (Times New Roman font size 12, dbl spaced) (Total 13 marks)
1-2 page Discussion: What are the implications of your proposed study? Reflect on how you designed your study. What are the limitations of your study/ what could your data tell you/not tell you? How would you approach this research differently next time? What recommendations would you make to others about researching this topic? (5) (Times New Roman font size 12, dbl spaced)
References: List of all references cited in the proposal; Minimum of five scholarly references, including relevant textbook chapters; Follow APA style. (Marks subtracted for 

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Research Proposal and Plan
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Research question :  When Freshers apply for a job, each job posting asks for some experience, but they don’t have any since they are freshers. What leads the companies to take this approach and why freshers are not able tofigure out how to approach it?


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