Research Paper On Toxic Organizations

Need help with a research paper for organizational behavior and learning class. It must meet the following criteria;

Organizational Behavior Midterm Research Paper 

The midterm research paper should include the following elements:

a. A definition or discussion of an OB problem/issue, its importance/relevance to an organization, and managerial/leadership implications.

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Research Paper On Toxic Organizations
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b. A review of the literature related to the problem/issue.

c. A summary or conclusion which indicates possible solutions to the problem or extensions of research on the problem/issue.

d. The review should be as thorough as possible and should be restricted to literature that you have been able to obtain. The review should include empirical studies and journals in OD, OB, Psychology, Management, Business, and Education.

e. Use APA style for formatting your paper. The length of this paper should be approximately 10-20 pages, excluding cover pages and references. Follow proper research paper writing procedures (proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.). Proofread your paper before submission—do not rely solely on Spell or Grammar Check.


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