Research paper on Business Intelligence

ou are team of IT professionals working at a Business Intelligence (BI) firm. I am the chief administrator (CEO, President, Chancellor, Chairman of the board, Big-Boss, etc.) of an organization that has contracted you to provide us with a presentation on the benefits that a business intelligence solution could have for our organization. Our organization has provided you with access to one or more of our databases to aid in the identification of potential benefits. In addition to providing a presentation on the general benefits of business intelligence and proposing a business intelligence solution (BI software tool), you will also need to identify one key problem that your team has already identified as one that you propose that business intelligence can solve and then solve it for them using your recommended BI tool. You should also provide at least one example of the type of information (in the form of a visualization) that your business intelligence solution can provide.
You can choose or make up any organization that you like as the organization that I head and to which you will be presenting.
Choose at least one dataset as that which was provided to you by my organization. You may use or create any data you like, but here are some resources that may be helpful to you in locating a dataset. The dataset should actually be relevant to my organization (or vice-versa).
You will also need to select a BI-based software tool that your team will use for the analysis. Many BI-tools are available in a trial version (though some may take you longer than we have to activate). Others are open source and can be used for no cost. Still others, you can use for less than $20.
Your paper/presentation should include the following components:
· A general explanation of what business intelligence is
· The type(s) of data in your data set
· How the data is housed and any proposals for potentially consolidating it
· How the data was, or will need to be prepared
· The BI-based software tool your team is proposing to use including features it offers (dashboard, “What if” analysis, interactive reports, etc.)
· How your chosen BI-based software tool differs from its competitors and why you chose it
· A model used in your analysis of our data
· At least one visualization that aids your research
paper should be formatted using APA guidelines 7th Edition and should contain the following sections:
· Title Page
· Abstract
· Table of Contents (Use the auto-generation features in Microsoft Word for the TOC)
· Main Body
o Introduction
§ Problem Statement
· Research Question
o Literature Review
o Methodology
o Findings
o Conclusion
· References

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