Research Paper:

     1. For the company assigned to you (see attached company   assignment file), run a financial statement analysis to determine whether you   will invest in the company as a shareholder.   
2.   Run the analysis as of Dec 31, 2020 and prior years.    
3.   Use at least 4 ratios (must include current ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, and   price/earning ratio).  
 4.   Use the Ratio Analysis Model on p.75 of the text book.  
 5.   Page limitation – 2 pages.    
6.   Format – MS Word    
  Company : 3M
  Stock Ticker   Symbol : MMM
  Industry : Conglomerate
  Latest Addition   to Index : 8/9/76     
There is an excel example paper under Ratio Analysis Model and you can check it for what I need. It should be 2 pages with out cover. 


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Research Paper:
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