The main goal for this assignment is that students gain an in-depth understanding about an emerging topic in Marketing. Each student will conduct in-depth research on the topic and write the research paper.
The theme for research is: 
Marketing/ Branding Initiatives that balance People, Planet and Profits.
Please note that theme has been provided. It is not a topic. 
You can consider a specific marketing problem under this broad theme. 
Important Suggestions: 
1) This is a very broad theme. It is important that you select a narrow area of research under this broad theme for better output. 
2) Please review resource links provided below to help you understand how to write research papers. Link 2 is particularly useful guide.
1) You may consider organizing the research paper as follows:
• Introduction (Introduction and Background)
• Relevance of the topic ( Discussion of Findings/ Discussion about the topic )
• Objective of the Research/ Research Questions ( Conclusion and Managerial Recommendation )
• Discussion (organize in appropriate sub sections) 
• Conclusions 
(Use of appropriate references, Use of relevant data, depiction of data, use of Tables/Charts 
2) The suggested word limit is 1800-2500 words.
3) Must use external academic (these include research journals; consider using your library) and relevant non-academic references. Provide in-text citations and should provide references in APA format. 

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