Representation of Animals

I have attached full instructions given by my professor. But basically this is a humanities course called “Animals from Sacred to Endangered” and the entire point of the class is how animals are represented in the human world, whether we manipulate/harm them, etc. This paper should be written on the representation of animals in a humanities primary source which can be literature, art, music or philosophy. For example, you can choose a book as a writer that has an animal in it and use that as a primary source, take a position regarding the animal and defend your position. For example, a book about a tiger being kept in a cage. Using 3 peer reviewed sources either about the book you chose directly or relevant sources, you have to defend your point using these sources. For example if there is a peer reviewed journal talking about tigers that have been harmed at the hands of humans, etc. you can use this as “secondary source” to back up your position and belief about the primary source. Reading my attachment will help it all make sense. Please ask me any questions, thank you very very much for writing this paper!!!

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Representation of Animals
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