CA: Formal Report
Complete the formal report you’ve been working on throughout the project proposal and progress report. As you’ll recall, you were to identify a problem, issue, or concern pertaining to Midwestern State University. This assignment is your proposal presented as a formal report where you will make compelling cases for how those problems can be solved and how it will improve campus environment and culture. 
Your report should be directed toward a University official who has the authority to decide whether to accept and/or fund your proposal, or to pass your proposal on to the appropriate authorities. Your tone should be appropriate to this audience and situation.
Your completed report should do the following:

define a problem;
decide what would constitute a satisfactory solution;
explore solutions available;
argue in favor of what your research tells you is the best solution;
and make a compelling case for your solution to be funded.

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Your completed report should be between 12 to 20 pages long, including all required parts.
Your document should contain each of the following elements:

Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
The report itself, including an introduction, body, and conclusion

Evaluation Criteria 

Content: The report introduces a focused, significant problem, analyzes criteria for a solution, analyzes at least one solution and recommends the best course of action. The report contains all the research necessary for a persuasive argument. The analysis is logical and complete. The audience is clearly identified and appropriate.
Prefatory & Supplemental Parts: The report contains all the required prefatory and supplemental parts. Each part is well-written, appropriate to the rhetorical situation and follows the guidelines set forth in the textbook and in class.
Organization: The entire report is clearly, obviously and effectively organized according to the rhetorical situation.
Readability & Design: The report is highly readable, utilizing effective headings, subheadings, lists, previews, reviews and other transition elements. The report is attractively and professionally designed.
Style: The report is well written. There are very few, if any, sentence-level or grammar errors. The report uses appropriate vocabulary and tone. Each sentence is clear and effective. Paragraphs are short, unified and coherent.
Visuals. The report contains visuals. The visuals are appropriate in content, type and emphasis. The visuals are incorporated correctly into the text, according to the guidelines set forth in the textbook and in class.


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