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My topic proposal is the effect of exercise on college students mental health during finals week. Currently, there is a lot of research that shows the mental health benefits of daily exercise on adults who struggle with depression and anxiety because of the increase in serotonin that is released during exercise. because there has been such an increasing concern about high school and college level students’ health, I feel it is important to see if this will decrease stress levels in one of the most stressful times for a college student: finals week. When dealing with a mental health topic, its important to note that some people may exaggerate or underexaggerate their feelings in order to either attract attention or stay out of the spotlight.
Northcentral University. (2019, February 7). Exercise and how it positively impacts students’ mental health. Northcentral University. Retrieved December 11, 2021, from,because%20it%20increases%20serotonin%20levels%20in%20the%20brain. 
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Reply 1-2 MC
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