Reflective Report 1000 words

I want you to say is “my part in this project was to present this time period……bla bla bla

and it’s must has these things 

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Reflective Report 1000 words
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CW1: Comparative project 
• The extent to which the remit of the assignment has been met 
• Recognition of alternative methodological approaches to comparison and the way in which these may influence project design and outcomes 
• Selection of appropriate approach and methods in relation to the task set 
• Creativity, comprehensiveness and appropriateness of project design 
• Clarity and accuracy of communication of the project design 
• Ability to identify limitations and or problems during the design process 
• Range of research and collation of information and material

about the grup part we haven’t discussed a lot about the topic in whatsapp, but i agreed about the topic.  


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