Reflection R4

Submit a 5 page marketing plan that uses Blockchain to prevent “over-serving” and allows for greater automation of the global commerce function.
Reflection Four (R4) is an essay assignment. 


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Reflection R4
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7 Cool Ways Marketers and Advertisers Can Use Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Marketing Data Blockchain: The Next Big Leap
IoT (Internet of Things) powered by Blockchain: How Blockchains facilitate the application of digital twins in IoT
The Potential Impact of Blockchain Technology on Ecommerce


YouTube: What’s wrong with Adtech and how the Blockchain could fix it

YouTube: How is Blockchain going to improve the digital advertising and supply chain?

YouTube: What are Smart Contracts on the Blockchain – Part 1

YouTube: What are Smart Contracts Part 3: Blockchain Limitations and Adoption  


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