upcoming course requirements, including an introduction to the “Three Ps” (Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment) and the clinical course expectations. 
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After attending the lecture, or viewing the recording, please reflect upon what you learned and follow the directions below. This assignment has two parts; reflections and goals. The goals section has two subparts: 3P goals and clinical goals. They do not need to be in APA format, but please choose a format that is organized and visually pleasing. Please work individually and do not collaborate with others on this reflective and personal goal-forming work

Due: 12/17/21

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Reflection: 150-250 words

Reflect upon what was learned and briefly write about your thoughts. Include:

What were you surprised to learn from the lecture, or what was new? If no material was new to you, what do you wish was covered instead?
Considering your own unique work-life-school situation, what are your greatest concerns or greater perceived challenges for the second half of the FNP program?

Goals: (Separate from the above 250 word count)

Considering your own personal situation and life challenges, provide three specific goals to help guide your success in two areas
Goals for the 3P courses: (three goals, bullet points are acceptable)
Goals for clinical experiences: (three goals, bullet points are acceptable)

When writing your goals, try to keep in mind principles of SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant/realistic, and time-oriented)

Some Examples: (but remember you need 3 of each goal type)
1)  My first 3P goal is to study pathophysiology for 6 hours every week by setting aside 60 min every night from 8-8:30 for six nights a week.
2)  My first clinical goal is to contact 7 different clinics each week to look for a pediatric preceptor until I have found someone.
3)  My second clinical goal is to decrease my work to part-time so that I can do 40 extra hours in my pediatric rotation in October-December 2022 so that I can be more marketable in a pediatric practice after graduation.

Length: 150-250 words for the reflection, 
provide at least three SMART goals for the 3P courses 
three goals for the clinical courses
Format: No APA required, however, please follow professional grammar and spelling conventions. Extra points are given to original, unique styles that are organized, professional, and visually pleasing.
Research: None



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