Reflect on your Field Trip

Write a brief reflection on your experience visiting the agency. Provide a short description of the agency and the services they provide to children and their families. Then reflect on the following questions:Imagine being a parent bringing their child for therapy. What are your impressions of the facility? What seems easy and helpful? What feels like an obstacle to overcome? What do you want to know about the agency?Imagine you are the child being brought to therapy by your parent. What are your impressions of the place? What do you want to know about what is happening? What might scare you or make you happy to be there?Imagine you work at the agency as a clinician. What are your impressions? What would be enjoyable about working there and what would be most difficult? What would you want to know about the agency?As you make these reflections, you may also share any insights gained from this week’s readings. How do the various articles help you understand the child/families experiences of the mental health treatment system?

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Reflect on your Field Trip
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