Racism in Othello

I have attached all of the requirements. Please don’t hesitate to message me any time with any questions at all. Thank you!Throughout Othello, images of dark against light, good against evil prevail as themes.Consider the issue of racism in the play Othello, were many of his problemsexacerbated by his skin colour or would his difficulties have been the same for a man ofany racial background? Create a thesis and an argumentative essay to discuss theissue of racism within Othello.The target length for the racism essay is 5-7 pages, double spaced. You should have a powerful thesis, secondary sources numbering at least 3 (in addition to the text itself). They should include both print and online sources. You can consult the public library, the reference library and sources such as Queen’s Quarterly to enhance your writing. You may deal with any issue related to racism within the play. Consult the web for additional help with editing. Remember especially the following editing tips:Editing Tips:• Ensure that your thesis has a direction and questions which require furtherexamination throughout the essay• There should be a minimum of 3-5 body paragraphs examining your topic• Your essay should have no dangling participles, run-on sentences, no carelessediting flaws in spelling or grammar, no short forms or colloquialisms, and shouldconsistently read in the past tense• Eliminate flaws such as “So”, “Also”, “then”, “because” and excessive commas or“ands” from your writing• Read out loud to ensure flow• Do not write in the first person• Conclude with a powerful summation, not a question or dangling thought• Consult the MLA Handbook for appropriate means for citations and references• Ensure that your essay has been proofread by at least 2 different people who can besomewhat critical of your workKey Question #49 (100 marks)Final Edited EssayDouble space, include a title page, bibliography and cite all quotations. Your finalcopy should be about 5-7 pages long including the cover page.

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Racism in Othello
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