Quick Mobile Device Security Quiz

Quick Mobile Device Security Quiz

Add (1) point for all “YES” answers:

  1. Do you use free wifi services at cafes’, restaurants, airports, and/or hotels?
  2. Do you download apps from the Play Store or App Store without conducting thorough research on the developer?
  3. When you receive an unsolicited email from a business, do you open it?
  4. Do you click on links that are embedded in messages from random businesses?
  5. If you receive an email from a known contact, but it looks strange, would you still open it?
  6. Do you click on links to unsubscribe from lists you have not signed up for?
  7. Do you use the same password for multiple account sign-ins?
  8. Is your location services feature turned “ON”?
  9. Have you closely reviewed your security settings on your mobile device?
  10. Do you use your banking app while you are connected to a free wifi service?
  11. Do you connect to free wifi services without using a VPN?
  12. Do you have a weak passcode (4 digits only)?

Tally up your score (1 point for each “YES”. If your score is higher than a 4, you may be vulnerable to hackers, Identity thieves, or someone trying to steal your information.

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Quick Mobile Device Security Quiz
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Use the “WRITE SUBMISSION” to upload your score from the questions. No need to explain which questions you had answered YES.


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