IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not only respond to the examples in the questions, they are only lead questions so you can elaborate in your answers, they are examples to help you start your response.

Grading Rubric: Student describes in detail 3 + specific and relevant applications or concepts to the final project. Description: In each question, students are asked to describe in detail how they apply a particular discipline to their Business Plan or final project in this class. Grading will be based on the level of detail provided as well as the relevancy and appropriateness of the application

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1. Please describe the different elements from your Economics class in your degree program (both Micro and Macro-economics) that you used or incorporate into your Project of this class. Some examples include the Law of Supply and Demand, Cost Analysis, determination of the price for your products and/or services, demand elasticity, etc.

2. Please describe in detail the different elements form your Finance class that you used in this class, including developing Financial Statements, cost of capital, financing, budgeting, foreign exchange, and financial strategy.

3. Please describe in detail how did you apply the principles learned in your Marketing class for your project, for example the four P’s, the four C’s, marketing strategies in promotion and distribution, marketing research, social media marketing, consumer behavior, etc. Thanks.

4. Please describe in detail what did you apply from your Management and Leadership course in your project, for example how do you plan to develop a corporate culture with your employees, what kind of a leader will you be for this company, what is your style, what other practices do you plan to implement for your project or company, how will the organization look like, etc. Thanks.

5. Please describe in detail the various aspects form your Global Business course that you applied to your project, such as import/export, currency exchange, cultural factors, etc. Are you targeting a specific ethnic group or segment? how do you plan to approach this? Will you deal with tariffs or import duties? Will your business be located in a foreign country? and if so, what additional rules and legislative aspects will you be facing?

6. Please describe in detail how did you apply the Accounting principles learned in your previous course, to your project, for example a cash flow, inventory systems, LIFO/FIFO, Balance Sheet, direct and indirect costs, breakeven analysis, budgeting, etc. Thanks.

7. Please describe in detail how you will apply the MIS principles you learned in a previous course, for example what kind of information system will you have in your company to make decisions? What kind of report will you need for this business? How about the Logistics and supply chain management? Knowledge Management?

8. Please describe in detail how you used the strategy course you had for your project or company. For example, what kind of generic strategy are you using and why? Low cost? Differentiation? Segmentation?niche? a combination of two of these? why? Did you analyze your project using the Five Forces of Competition by Porter? or the BCG model? Did you use any Environmental Scanning Technique? how about a SWOT Analysis? what was the result of your strategic analysis? etc… Thanks!


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