Quantitative Research IP

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You will be using SPSS software to do most of your analyses. SPSS is at the mercy of your input.
Properly classifying the variables that are part of a study is essential to a correct analysis in SPSS. SPSS classifies variables as nominal, ordinal, or scale and requires explaining any coding of your data in areas such as the Values column of Variable View.

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Quantitative Research IP
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Define the term variables in quantitative analysis? (You do not need to explain the differences between dependent and independent variables, instead focus on the type of data that can be entered for nominal, ordinal, and scale data.)
What are the key differences between nominal, ordinal, and scale data? Provide an example of each type of data.
In what situations could you find each type of data?
Why is it important in SPSS that you correctly define the variables in Variable View?



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