The purpose of the 5 Killer Stats Assignment is to have you get into the rhythm of assessing “data” on a continuous basis as it comes into your inbox.  Of course, you need a “unit of analysis” in which to assess this incoming data. 

Therefore, please review the most recent 5 Killer Stats (according to Marketing Week; note: you can go back 2 weeks if you like, to open up the number of Killer Stats you review, but this will only work for this week; I’ll explain in class) and assess which of these stats in your view has the most relevance and could potentially impact (either positively or negatively):

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1. Your Industry Project; and/or (Our Industry Project is High Tech)

2. Your career interests and your industry of career choice. (My career interests is I want to open a restaurant and convert it into a chain of restaurants. Basically in Food industry)

Of course in your written short and sweet write-up (1 page is fine and not to exceed 2 pages) be sure to identify your “units of analysis” (Your industry focus and your career interests) so the reader understands where you are coming from as you write out your ideas.

This is always a “thought assignment” for which there are no right or wrong answers.  Your own assessment and opinion here is what matters given your “units of analysis” (again, be sure to identify these units of analysis in each 5 Killer Stats Assignment). 

Remember, the goal here is to get you into the mindset and rhythm of always using the D.I.D. Framework as data flows into your inbox. And as a manager in today’s world, it will be an avalanche in your inbox and workflow.

Newest 5 Killer Stats:


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