Pull-out what you deem the five most important historical events

Pull-out what you deem the five most important historical events/developments discussed in Chapters 6 through 10 [Of these five events/developments one must come from each chapter]. Take each of these five events/developments and compare and contrast them to one event/development occurring during your life-time. The life-time event can be based on any criteria you wish [an event you liked, disliked, that impacted you, your race, your community or state, that you despised or admired, that inspired you…) .In all, you will be working with 10 events/developments. You will compare and contrast five events/developments from the chapters and five lifetime events/developments. Hence, while you will be discussing 10 events in all, you will only have to provide five comparative analyses [the act of comparing and contrasting two concepts] since your analyses will be in pairs.As an example, for one of your five comparative analyses, you may wish to compare and contrast the Revolutionary War [a chapter event] and the Gulf War [a life-time event]. Your comparative analysis would need to include what these two events have in common (at least two or three things) and where they differ (one or two things). In each of the five analyses, you must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of both the chapter event and the contemporary event. The life-time event can be based on memory and your understanding [though you can feel free to refresh your knowledge of the life-time event by conducting nominal research; this event can be based on personal experiences as well that have only historical significance to you!!..]; however, the chapter event should be as historically accurate as possible.The life-time event can range from a major political event to an insignificant social or cultural event. Please feel free to be creative [such as comparing and contrasting a sports event during your life-time and an important political event in the late-1800s] or as formal as you wish. However, the bulk of your essay should be directed at demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the historical events rather than the life-time events. Your essay must include:1. An introduction telegraphing where you are headed in the essay.2. Developed paragraphs that are easy to follow and to understand.3. A brief discussion of the chapter events’ and the life-time events’ similarities and the differences in each of your comparative analyses. 4. A brief note as to why you selected each of the events. A concluding paragraph for the essay. Your essay should demonstrate an understanding of the English language and your ability to navigate through the language. In other words, put your English skills to work. Make your essay, easy to read, informative and interesting. You have four days to work your magic so don’t feel rushed!!! I have selected this format to both challenge you and to allow your creative juices to flow in a discipline [History] that many students find boring and stale.AlsoNo sub-titles, headings, boldings, abbreviations, numberings [this includes alphabets], bullets or other accessories will be accepted. Please prepare a formal essay that lets your writing do your talking!!Short Answer 30 pts. [Do only ONE] 1. Discuss the three historical figures covered in chapters 6-10 that impressed you most and the three historical figures in these chapters that repulsed you most (or to put it any way; impressed you least!!!] Be sure to explain why these people impress or repulse you. 2. Discuss the plight of so-called Free Africans since the Revolutionary War era, highlighting major challenges confronting them. 3. In chapters six through ten, discuss the manner in which Africans employed religion to aid the race. 4. Discuss the four most difficult challenges that Africans confronted in this land between 1812 and 1870. Be sure to explain why you find each of the four significant!5. You are writing a narrative about life for Africans in the U.S. between 1812 and 1870. What political, economic and social events or developments would you focus on? Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of these events/developments. Be frank and analytical.___________________________________________________________

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Pull-out what you deem the five most important historical events
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