Public speech

TOPIC: abortion (should be allowed)

This week you will be submitting both your preparation and speaking outlines. Carefully follow the sample formats provided in Chapter 11 of your book. Remember, these two outlines are different, and they are intended to be used for different purposes.
The speaking outline is much less detailed and is meant to jog your memory as you deliver your speech extemporaneously.  Also include your delivery details in Blue font.
This will help you slow down or underscore words that will help make your message/points more memorable for the audience.
You will also include your visuals with the speaking outline. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, then submit a PowerPoint speaking handout along with your outline.
There are numerous tutorials on YouTube for creating this handout if you have not created one in the past.

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Public speech
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This outline is your speaking outline to be used as your BRIEF notes in front of you. Thus, it should only have your talking points on it. This is for you to refer to as you speak., not read off during your speech. 
Submit as one integrated Word document with an APA title and reference page. The prep outline goes as content page 1-2 and the speech outline follows. This should be no more than 4 content pages total, not including the title and reference page. Typically, a prep outline is approx. 1-2 pages, and the speaking outline is one page.
The persuasive speech, like the informative speech you recently delivered, begs for a good visual presentation.  This week your Persuasive Speech will include the use of a visual aid such as printed charts, lists or PowerPoint. The online format may present difficulties for some students. However, as many of you know, presenting in an online or virtual format has become common. Be creative and combine your presentation with interesting visual information.


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