Public Relations

The module will be assessed on an Assignment consisting of a video recording to be submitted in Week 11. 
The presentation will consist of a 10 minute presentation. 
You are required to choose one of the options below and from a public relations perspective review the campaign 
You will need to produce (1,500 words minimum, 2,000 words maximum):  09.2017 Page 5 of 7 1. 
A Powerpoint presentation explaining
 the background to the subject 
 the public relations issues faced
  any objectives they could establish for the campaign. 
 any positives or negatives 
 any recommendations for extending the impact of the campaign (60% of the marks) 
2. A Q & A document containing likely questions and responses to support the presentation. (20% of the marks) 
3. A recorded presentation on your research project which needs to be uploaded to Blackboard. (20% of the marks)

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