Public health

You will create a visual presentation using flipgrid. You must include a presentation with your video. This can be a collage, PPT, google slides, or combination. You must make a video with your visual, but it is not required to show your face in the video if you are not comfortable. You can show the visual and orally share your pitch. 
Videos are a maximum of 3 minutes.
The presentation will include the following:
Part 1: Your “pitch”:
You are stopped in an elevator and asked for a “pitch”  or summary about your own personal wellness philosophy (your mantra around your own well-being). This should answer the question, “what does wellness mean to me?” This is also a chance to reflect on the content covered this semester and goals you have for your future well-being. 
Things to consider with your “pitch”:

Why is health and wellness important to you? 
How will you make your well-being a priority long-term?

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Public health
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Your mantra should take about 30-60 seconds to read (or about 3-5 sentences max). Include photos, images, words.
Part 2: Dimensions of wellness   
For the remainder of your presentation, share the following regarding at least three of the dimensions of wellness:

What are your current practices in the selected dimension(s)? How will you maintain these? 
How do you plan on implementing new strategies you learned in each dimension(s)?
When you are faced with barriers or challenges to the dimension(s), how do you overcome them? 

Be creative and have fun with this!
Public Health


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