PUBH 380: Measures of Morbidity – Indirect Age Adjustment

Just need work to be shown I can understand answer to the problems.PUBH 380: Measures of Morbidity – Indirect Age AdjustmentHomework 3 (35 points)NAME:___________________________________Based on the information given in the following table, and knowing that there were 4,500 deaths in Population X and 25,000 deaths in Population Y in 2009, and that crude death rate of standard population is 50 deaths per 1,000 persons, calculate and interpret the following (including any comparisons between X and Y in your interpretation): NOTE:  When you do indirect adjustment, all comparisons are done with the referent (standard) population, NOT between “adjusted” populations.1. Complete the table below (20 pts)AgeStandard Death Rates per 1,000Population XExpected Deaths in Pop XPopulation YExpected Deaths in Pop Y<1186000500001-437000700005-142.570002500015-241.580003000025-341.5100007000035-443.5100002500045-5410250002000055-6415150002500065+803000020000TotalXXX118,000335,000Calculate the crude death for each population (7 points – 3 for each crude, 1 for interpretation)3. Calculate the standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) for each population (interpretation should include what the SMRs mean) (3 points – 1 for each SMR, 1 for interpretation)4. Age-adjusted death rates for populations X and Y, using the indirect adjustment method. Please explain why your results might have occurred in your interpretation. (3 points – 1 for each IAR, 1 for interpretation)5. Rates are adjusted for age to: (Please choose one answer) (2 pt)Remove the bias of dissimilar age group distribution between populations.Minimize the health problems of a community as compared to standard.Determine how well a community compares with acceptable national births, deaths, and disease rate standards.Allow valid comparison between populations with similar age distributions but different race and sex makeup. All of the above. 

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PUBH 380: Measures of Morbidity – Indirect Age Adjustment
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