PSYC290 Week 8 Final Exam Latest/PSYC290 Week 8 Final Exam Latest

Question 1
(TCO 1) Which of the following is the best example of an off-time event that could have negative effects upon an individual’s development?
The deaths of elderly parents
Being divorced at the age of 25
The death of one’s spouse at the age of 30
Experiencing a life-threatening illness at the age of 60
Question 2
(TCO 1) Of the following, which is the best example of naturalistic observation?
The school psychologist has administered aptitude tests to the sophomore class of Martin Luther King, Jr. High School.
A researcher interested in the effects of caffeine upon learning provides high-caffeine drinks to an experimental group who are being taught a complicated game and provides caffeine-free drinks to a control group who are being taught the same game.
A serial killer is subjected to a battery of psychological exams and intensive interviews in an effort to determine the factors that influenced his developmental pathway to homicidal behavior.
Researchers interested in children’s gender-related interactions videotape children while they are playing during recess and while they are engaged in cooperative learning assignments in their classrooms.
Question 3
(TCO 1) You are a taking part in a survey that asks about your attitudes toward physical punishment of children. Even though you believe that spanking is sometimes necessary, you answer that you are opposed to any sort of physical punishment. Which of the following terms best describes why the way that you did?
Social desirability
Experimenter bias
Sample representation

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PSYC290 Week 8 Final Exam Latest/PSYC290 Week 8 Final Exam Latest
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