PSY201 Final Exam Latest/PSY201 Final Exam Latest/PSY201 Final Exam Latest

Question 1
“Juanita is extremely creative, imaginative, and insightful, indicating that when she grows up, she wil probably score high on the Big Five Traits of”
agreeableness and conscientiousness.
conscientiousness and emotionality.
extraversion and inhibition.
openness and intellect.
agreeableness and openness.
Question 2
Fifteen-month-old Billy and Bettina are playing together with toys. Sometimes they cooperate, but mostly they play side-by-side with different toys. This is a pattern that Parten described as”
parallel play.
peer play.
coordinated play.
Question 3
Which of the following children in child care will have the highest cognitive development?
“Marcus, who is middle class and is cared for by a neighbor two afternoons a week.”
“Julius, whose family is poor and is cared for at home by his aunt.”
“Joachim, who began child care at age 4.”
“Joachim, whose family is wealthy and attends a family daycare.”
“Maria, whose family is poor and attends a cognitively-enriched program.”
Question 4All of the following are propositions on which the biological explanation of personality is based EXCEPT
each individual is born with genetically determined characteristic patterns of responding to the environment and to other people.
“children learn not only overt behavior but also ideas, expectations, internal standards, and self-concepts from reinforcement and modeling.”
genetic differences operate via variations in fundamental physiological processes.
temperamental dispositions persist through childhood and into adulthood.
temperamental characteristics interact with the child’s environment in ways that may strengthen or modify basic temperamental patterns.
Question 5″Compared to other children, children raised in poverty”
have higher rates of illness and disabilities.
have the same distribution of IQ scores.
develop cognitively at the same rate.
are less likely to repeat a grade.
are less likely to be poor as adults.

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