please follow these steps:

First, read all assigned reading, review the PowerPoint, and attend the lecture.
Second, view this 40-second Public Service Announcement (PSA): (Links to an external site.)
Third, reflect on the week’s content and the PSA to respond to the following prompts below.

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On Tuesday you learned about unintentional injuries.  Then, you watched a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the dangers of distracted driving due to texting.  Reflect on this week’s content and the PSA as you respond to this DB.

Please respond to and/or react to the PSA on texting and driving.  How did the PSA make you feel?  Any thoughts on the PSA?
Come up with 2 (out of the 4 possible) community prevention strategies to address the issue of texting and driving (i.e., injury prevention education, regulation, automatic (passive) protection, litigation).  Describe each strategy.


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