Individual Assignment: OPMT 620

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the students the opportunity to carry out the full scope of a Statistical Process Control procedure, on a real-world business process of their own choosing. The assignment, and the deliverable report, comprise the following parts.

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Process: Describe a business and a business process you have chosen for this assignment. You can use ideas from the examples covered in class or the end-of-chapter problems. Be sure that you can gain thorough knowledge of the process and that you have access for data collection through observation or by taking measurements. [10 marks]

CTQ: Describe a critical-to-quality characteristic of the output of the process, which could be either a product or a service. Explain why such characteristic is critical, in your judgement. [10 marks]

SPC Type: Inform and justify your selection of an appropriate SPC type for controlling the CTQ of your choice. [10 marks]

Data: Collect appropriate sample data for the CTQ variable or attribute, as well as the sampling plan you have adopted. Depict your data in a tabular form. [10 marks]

Analysis: Calculate SPC parameters, and construct the control chart(s) by plotting. Represent you sample data on the charts. [20 marks]

Conclusion: Discuss the control charts you have constructed and draw conclusions with respect to process stability. [10 marks]

Recommendations: Given the state of the process, which you have investigated, what improvement recommendations you can offer to the process owner or operator? [20 marks]

Style: Your report must be prepared per APA format, be concise, business-like, proof-read and to the point. Excluding cover sheet, your paper should not exceed 5 pages. A penalty of two marks will apply for every additional page. Additional penalties will apply for grammatical or spelling errors. [10 marks]

Please upload one single file to the designated drop box on UCW’s Moodle-Turnitin platform, before due date. Late submissions will be declined.


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