Proposing Market Entry Strategy

Week 10 Assignment – Proposing Market Entry Strategies
You have just taken on a new role as a marketing manager for a new hospital in Ajo, Arizona.  There is one other hospital in town, but it 67.3 miles from the center of town making it difficult for many residents to get to.  The new hospital, Ajo Medical Center (AMC), will be much more accessible to a number of people who live further in town.As you prepare to take on this role, watch the following video clips on branding and marketing. You will use the content of the videos to consider how the practices of Moving Brands might be applied to the marketing strategy of Ajo Medical Center.Watch the following video case study clips:Chapter 1: Brand Vs. BrandingChapter 3: What’s the Difference Between Branding and Marketing?The CEO of AMC has asked you to create a 4–6 page proposal in which you provide a competitive marketing entry strategy, a communication strategy and suggest marketing research tools for the new hospital.Your proposal should include the following items:

A market analysis (SWOT or otherwise) to determine the best approach for the market entry.
An overview of the marketing entry strategy you are proposing based on the information gathered in your analysis and conclude with how your hospital differentiate themselves from the existing hospital in town.
An overview of the communication strategy you are proposing, also based on information gathered your analysis.
A list of suggested marketing research tools and why those tools would be a good fit for use at AMC.

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Proposing Market Entry Strategy
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Keep in mind that this proposal is for the CEO, so the proposal should also:

Contain accurate and clearly written information.
Be professional in appearance.
Use headings.
Incorporate colors and/or graphs and charts as appropriate.
Use 4–5 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate.


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