Proposed Research Plan

Include the following in your presentation. Use the titles below  for the headings of each section. The number of slides indicated for  each section are suggestions.

Introduction (1 slide).      

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Proposed Research Plan
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Provide a brief overview of the presentation.

Intervention Strategies (1 slide).      

Explain the intervention strategies that will be offered at the shelter.

Synthesis of Literature (2 slides).      

Explain the process of refining a research problem into a measurable research question.
Provide a synthesis of the best practices literature from the  literature review. Be sure to summarize and evaluate the literature and  explain the contributions each could make to the proposed study.

Potential Participants (1 slide).      

Identify the potential research participants, including explanation for the choice. 

Methods (2 slides).      

Explain the methods you would use in your proposed study, including justification.

Data Collection (2 slides).      

Explain the sources and methods of data collection.

Data Analysis (2 slides).      

Explain how data will be analyzed.

Limitations (1 slide).      

Describe any limitations that can be foreseen in the proposed study.

Dissemination Plan (2 slides).      

Describe the primary audience and dissemination plan for the results.

Conclusion (1 slide).      

Summarize the proposed study.
Evaluate the potential for further study of the research problem.


Note: In addition to posting the link to your  recording, attach your PowerPoint file with speaker notes to your  assignment submission.


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