research proposal  contain:
 Title Page (All successive preliminary pages are numbered consecutively)
 ▪ Table of Contents
 ▪ List of Tables and Figures
 ▪ Abstract
 ▪ Chapter 1: Introduction
 ▪ Background of the Study
 ▪ Aim and Objectives
 ▪ Hypothesis (if needed)
 ▪ Significance of the Study
 ▪ Definition of Terms
 ▪ Chapter 2: Literature Review
 ▪ Related Studies (Literature MUST be comprehensive, relevant, and updated; five- year span to present; critize each study, analyze the concepts, and synthesize the results and discussion; towards the end of the review, identify the research gap and issues.)
 ▪ Chapter 3: Methods (This can be modified depend on the type of the study) 
▪ Research Design (What design, and why you choose this design for your study?) 
▪ Sample of the Study a. Sampling design (include sampling methodology) b. Sample size c. Inclusion and exclusion criteria
 ▪ Data Collection
 ▪ Data Analysis
 ▪ Ethical Consideration 
 ▪ References
 ▪ Appendices APA template is available to further guide each student in writing their thesis proposal.  

* Note : i upload my Outline (contain my Topic)

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