Your sponsor is requesting that you send the project proposal so he can prepare before attending a meeting with leadership next week. As part of the request, there is a requirement that two “departmental peers” review and approve the proposal prior to submittal.

You will serve as the project manager for your proposal and as a peer reviewer for the other members in your group.

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The beginning of this assignment requires the project manager to upload the initial draft of the project proposal in the group’s discussion board for the peers to review and approve (no later than 4 days before the assignment is due).

Next, in your role as a peer reviewer, provide constructive feedback and suggestions through the group’s discussion board to help ensure that the best possible proposal is presented to the project sponsor. Feedback and suggestions should be posted no later than 2 days before the assignment is due.

(Part to work on now)…….
Subsequently, incorporate any feedback you deem necessary and submit to the sponsor for review and approval. All submissions to the sponsor should be considered a final draft. Your final draft of the revised project proposal is due on the date provided for this assignment (maximum length of two pages).

In addition to the two-page project proposal, include an appendix of supporting documents and visuals (i.e., system models, diagrams, wireframes, and topography maps) needed for the technical understanding of the project.


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