Choose one of the two options in the handout below. 
 Proposal Topic Choices  
 1. Write an internal proposal in which you propose a plan to carry out a research or a project that   you believe will benefit your organization. It can be a project that seeks solutions to certain   problems, updates an old system, or creates a new way of performing existing duties.   Address the proposal to your direct superior and persuade him/her to grant you permission   and fund your research or project  

 2. Locate and obtain a copy of an IFB or RFP from a government agency or private   organization related to your major or area of interest. Write a proposal in response to the IFB   or RFP in order to compete with other suppliers and win the contract.  

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Your proposal must include the following components:  
Summary:  Provide an overview of your proposed program.  
Introduction:  Identify the problem or opportunity.  Explain the purpose of the proposal.  Indicate the scale of the proposal.  Explain the organization method implemented to carry out the program.  
Proposed Program:  Provide clear details of the proposed program.  Describe the products and/or services you will be offering.  List the specific tasks you will be performing.  
Qualifications and Experiences:  Describe your qualifications.  Explain how they fulfill the requirements specified in the IFB or RFP.  Present your experiences in the field.  
Budget:  Specify the costs for the completion of the program.  
Appendixes (Optional):  Provide any required information specified in the IFB or RFP 


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