Prompt for the paper on Twelve Years A Slave

Prompt for the paper on Twelve Years A Slave

Solomon Northup describes horrible brutalities of life under slavery, but he also suggests that he and his fellow slaves found ways to resist or protect themselves from the worst ravages of the system. Explore the ways in which Northup and his friends helped each other to survive as best they could. Be specific.

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Prompt for the paper on Twelve Years A Slave
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Please format the essay as MLA

some tips and general guidelines to keep in mind when composing the second essay, I’m attaching a few worth contemplating as you write the paper. These include: * How close of a reading of Solomon’s memoir are you presenting? Does your paper cite specific examples, relevant aspects of the book that reinforce your argument?  * Are your topic sentences offering a clear indication of the paragraph’s content?  * Does your writing, use of language avoid awkward expressions, demonstrate solid word choice, and adhere to a single tense throughout the paper? * When providing historical context to Solomon’s memoir, make sure to exhibit a good sense of chronology. Additionally, proper citation is an important feature.  * Exhibiting a solid level of analysis is an essential component of a strong essay. Mere description is no substitute for highlighting common threads, topics you see in the book.


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