Project with 3 to 4 papers

Part 1: Introduction to the Problem
During this course you will complete a series of projects that will help you understand the components of a research study. You will do this by writing a proposal that supports the extension of a previously published research project. (You will not actually conduct the research; you will be developing a short proposal that explains the need to extend the research.)
Using the ACM database in the Library Portal, find a study related to an area of Information Security that you are interested in to be the basis for your projects for this term. The study can be quantitative or qualitative, but needs to address a problem that you are familiar with. In the conclusions of the study, it should indicate areas for further research.
In Part 1 of the project, you will write a short introduction to the research proposal (3-4 pages) which includes the following:

A description of the problem that was addressed in the selected study
A description of the study population and the sample
A summary of the previous findings
A description of an area of research suggested by the author for further research.
An explanation of why this extension of research could be important or how it might yield more insight into the problem.

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Project with 3 to 4 papers
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