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Project Topic Selection

Monna Joseph

Capella University

Project Topic Selection

Patient safety is a collective term for healthcare activities which revolve around prevention, reduction, reporting as well as analysis of medical errors with an aim of providing quality and effective healthcare services. I am examining the issue on lack of patient safety which negatively affect patients, healthcare providers as well as other stakeholders in the sector. I would like to examine the lack of patient safety while assessing the problem based on safety standards for specimen intake, storage and handling of chemicals, specimen processing as well as result reporting as per the National Patient Safety Agency, which highlights various factors attributing to patient safety issues. Such as, miscommunication of pain, shortage of accessible information, non-compliance with treatment, etc. (Health Services and Delivery Research; I. Tuffrey-Wijne; N. Giatras; L. Goulding, 2013).

In addition, safety events at Goodwill healthcare facility occur at 55%, a percentage which is a bit higher than the set regulations of events occurring between 3.7-16%, while comprising of 10% of the events expected to avoidable harm. This project hence aims at providing a solution with an aim of reducing the percentage to a realistic value according to the benchmark (Nacioglu, 2016).

Key performance indicators relating to patient safety in the storage and handling of chemicals, include, appropriate information and training on the same to avoid errors which result in the lack of patient safety. Moreover, specimen processing as a key performance indicator would result in effective outcomes relating to better and improved ways of digitizing specimen processing with an aim of improving on patient safety.

Lastly, on result reporting effective outcome would be realized through fast responses while indicating on prioritization of risk, i.e., highest, intermediate and lower risk, according to the Department of Veterans Affair, (Aspden, Corrigan, Wolcott, & Erickson, 2004) Nonetheless, this project will be of great value to Goodwill healthcare facility, through the identification of quality and compliance areas which enhance patient safety, which is one of the core values of the organization. Moreover, this project aligns with my future career goals by providing an opportunity for extensive research and potential recommendations relating to patient safety.

According to (Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Quality of Health Care in America; LT. Kohn ; JM. Corrigan; MS. Donaldson, 2000), patient safety is a key determinant in the quality of healthcare being provided hence the need to maintain a safe environment for patients and the corresponding physicians. The various safety precaution methods are based on infection control, fatigue, faulty equipment, etc., which should all be monitored regularly, according to the patient safety guidelines and procedures.


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