Project and evaluation

Your final paper is worth 30% of your grade.
Final Analysis Paper Requirements: These will be the requirements for your final paper.
· Assignment 1 must be completed and topic approved prior to submitting this assignment. 
· Will be written about a component or components of project management from the topics in the textbook listed below:
o An Overview of Project Management
o The Role of the Project Manager
o Planning the Project
o Incorporating Stakeholder Management in the Project Planning Process
o Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives for the Project
o Creating the Project Risk Plan
o Using the Work Breakdown Structure to Plan a Project
o Scheduling Project Work
o Producing a Workable Schedule
o Project Control and Evaluation
o The Change Control Process
o Project Control Using Earned Value Analysis
o Managing the Project Team
o The Project Manager as Leader
o Closing the Project
o How to Make Project Management Work in Your Organization
 Other project management topics may be submitted for instructor approval.
· The final paper will be in APA style format and 8 to 10 pages in length, double spaced not including title page or reference page, with font no larger than 12 point and no smaller than 10 point font Arial or Times New Roman, and in MS Word. No PDFs!
· No less than 5 references or articles or books cited in your paper. 
· Your paper must reference concepts and terms from the text in this course.
· Wikipedia is not an accepted citation source for academic papers, so don’t use it. You may use it as a tool to point you in other directions.
· For those of you using articles or books from the library, their online catalog offers tools for rendering citations in your choice of format for cut and paste ease. Check with your librarian for assistance with this. 
· Spell check before submitting, which will save you from losing points due to spacing errors, spelling errors, and grammar errors. 
· Use the sample paper as a format guide but do not create an abstract as it is not needed for a short paper. Your paper should have a title page and reference page. 
· The sample paper will provide examples for most APA formatting but there are also guides available on the web and on some university sites.

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Project and evaluation
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