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Othman Alazzam

CMTM 367

January 30, 2020

Prof. Edie Rubinowitz

Profiling: Leslie Hurtado

Leslie Hurtado’s passion for working in the media industry as a news anchor was sparked when she realized she wanted to follow her dream and (needs parallel structure here -: “to …”) a call for empathy and a voice for others less fortunate in the community. Her ambitions as a TV news anchor evolved due to her cultural heritage. Explain.

When asked what her zeal was, she replied, “I hate following the crowd because it makes one lose his sense of belonging and start imitating others,.” Leslie remarksshe said. “I am a unique person when surrounded by people who embrace me for who I am and for an unapologetic character.” Nice quote.

Leslie devoted much of her adolescence in learning English. Is she a native Spanish speaker? Wasn’t she born here? This makes it sounds like she may have come as a young child. “I feel great enthusiasm when working with it, whether in a casual or formal setting,.” she said. Studying in the USA particularly helped her gain key language and social skills. She gained ground for attaining a prospective career and a vigorous lifestyle as well.

Leslie’s interest in journalism and media was not always present but was initiated by the school, where he was asked to write blogs and short articles on all-rounded relevant topics. “The thrill from writing did not make me feel self-assured or confident at that time,” she said.. Nonetheless, she was well-received, and that was the snowballing of her confidence in the language and creative writing. Ever since her confidence sprang out, Leslie has been regularly writing and posing articles in the school articles as well as a local newspaper, which altogether increased his her valuable experience.

Leslie is of Latino descent. Her grandparents migrated from Portugal to Chicago during the colonial era and war between Spanish and America to avoid violence. Interesting. Leslie’s parents were born and raised in Chicago, but they still navigate their ethnic culture. How? Moreover, they regularly visit their ancestral home in Europe and Portugal, where they have roots. Does she go as well? Does she have any stories of this?

Leslie is a 23-year-old, ambitious, and courageous (no adjectives – show this to us) girl. She is majoring in English and literature with a core subject in communication and ethics and is expecting to graduate in fall 2020. When asked what her biggest investment would be, she says, “I am investing for a brighter future,” she said. Not the strongest quote’. About the families she says, Sshe does plan to have a baby with her husband someday. She possesses solid experience since because she has worked with many cChildcare centers, and interned at four media companies. “I have five or more years of experience,.” She asserts,”she said. “ This unclear calls for the reason to be empathetic?y and high ethics in the line of profession. Rewrite this sentence. I’m not sure what you are trying to say here – maybe that her experience means she is empathetic and ethical? She took a job recently, and at the moment she is working in one of thein the media industry.

Transition? During her childhood, Leslie’s parents loved watching cartoons and other comedies together with their children. That’s very sweet. Also, they loved discussing political junkies and criticizing media, which made her interest start evolving in media at a tender age. Ah, that makes sense! She was raised to be a journalist. In high school, she was involved in debates and loved writing short stories. She emerged as the best debate? team member who argued issues with clarity. She was nicknamed ? (described as?) elegant, courageous. A nickname is a short name for someone -Robert becomes Bob. Could you mean described as? Leslie remarkssaid, “We were untouchable teams and always upheld and maintained the discipline of the professional ethics and standards, . cCompletely distinct from the rest of the team group.” Good quote.

Transition? Leslie aspires to become a news reporter for an English news television station. Presently she is serving at Chicago ?? What does this mean?, taking more comprehensive lessons to sharpen or refine his her writing skills as well as editing skills to achieve her dreams and goals. During her high school years, Leslie has gained tremendous confidence through numerous presentations in large gatherings or crowds. “I am no stranger to working in teams,.” she said. But she isn’t talking about teams here – she is talking about public presentations. She participated in debates and discussions with ease. She has received several awards on debate events on a nationwide scale.

All through her college life, Leslie continued participating in debate- related events and forums which build her structured argument. “These debates featured a variety of topics and placed a test on my oratory skill. It was through debating that I arrive at a new setting that I was no??not? familiar with such a structured argument. “Leslie remarks.”,” Leslie said.

Leslie gained additional skills such as critical thinking, the ability to construct an argument, how to create a well flowing structured speech, and how to research topics in a short time. Developing all these skills has made her more vocal and confident in himselfherself. “Even to date, I still hang out with my mum and watch conspiracy theories (movies?) with my husband. Recently I traveled to New York for a journalism conference. I was one of the chosen participants for the upcoming global event.”. Leslie loved the event as it gave her the opportunity for discussion and free expression. The event strengthened her links with other media developing communities and, at the same time, helped her develop strategies for media management.

Leslie’s passion is to report on issues that affect the marginalized communities in Chicago in the future. Leslie lamenteds, “My current role enables me to meld my passion for reporting on (the?) marginalized in Chicago. Through partnering with social advocacy and the legislative groups, I believe I will assist them in drafting a policy that allows for equity.” (You don’t want to change quotes, but there are some grammatical issues here. The content is excellent, though.).. Through her career, she feels she will be able to work with legislatures to identify racial discrimination and other issues impacting marginalized joblessness community. Through detailed reporting, the law will come up with a proposed law (confusing) that will ease the burden.

Having been raised as ain a marginalized community of Latin decent, she witnessed these dissemination feuds ? that helped her to inherit apathy proximity ? confusing blast felt by the children and adults. Racial discrimination and lack of disparity in education, economy, housing, and job opportunities, are among the issues she would like to voice that have affected people of color in Chicago. “I hate pretentious people who do not give back to those less fortunate,.” she said. She embraces her culture and loves her family and friends, and she hates a bad habit of not able to concentrate when hearing instructing. Her family has offered her all the necessary support she needed to pursue her ambitions, and since her peers do not look deeper into issues affecting them, she wants to be their spokesperson. Her biggest achievement would surprise her family and friends that she has been selected to be an intern for Telemundo in Chicago. Quite an accomplishment!


You have excellent material and clearly had a very productive interview. I think if you work on the writing more, you could have a solid piece. Stay simple for now. I have question marks around the phrases that are particularly confusing. You picked an inspiring subject to interview and were able to get honest and thoughtful quotes from her. 80/100


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