Professor Tommy

The Assignment
Using the outline below and the information from your Goal Setting Organizer, compose a four paragraph strategic plan. Proofread your work carefully to ensure that your strategic plan is error-free. Open Microsoft Office Word and create a file using the information below:

Paragraph 1: Identify your main academic and/or professional goal(s). It is fine for your goal(s) to fit both categories. Why is this goal significant to you?
Paragraph 2: What actions are required to complete your goal(s)? Use your goal setting activity from Module Seven for this information. Discuss the specifics of what you need to complete these actions and your timeline for completion.
Paragraph 3: What obstacles do you expect to encounter while working on your goal(s)? How will you overcome these challenges? What support will you need?
Paragraph 4: How will you measure your progress toward achieving your goal(s)? Explain the significance of achieving this goal.   

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Professor Tommy
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Grading Criteria
To earn full credit, please complete the following on a Word Document:

Paragraph 1 – 20 points (Identify Goals – Discuss Significance)
Paragraph 2 – 20 points (Required Actions – Timeline)
Paragraph 3 – 20 points (Obstacles – Support)
Paragraph 4 – 20 points (Measure Progress – Significance)

You should make sure your strategic plan is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Consider using, a virtual writing assistant, to help you proofread your document before you submit. 


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