Principles of managerial accounting

This assignment must be completed in APA FORMAT with IN-TEXT CITATIONS.. This paper requires a 1200 WORD REQUIREMENT and MUST include a REFERENCE PAGE. NO PLAGIARISM! This MUST be submitted to me by Saturday August 15,2020 at 11:30pm (CENTRAL TIME). THIS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME! NO EXCEPTIONS!
1. Managers are responsible for numerous activities including planning, operating, and controlling.
Define these three types of activities and provide at least one example of each.
2. Grant Enterprises is considering the introduction of a new product. The marketing and production departments have begun informal discussions about its design, production, and sales. List three examples of accounting information that the marketing and production managers would find useful in their meeting.  
3. A friend has informed you of a part-time job for which you are well-qualified. It would begin next semester and require working 20 hours a week at a rate of $35 per hour. You would have to commute 2 hours round trip four days a week to work. You have already registered for 18 credit hours (6 classes) next semester, and you have been told that each of the classes is very demanding, requiring projects and extensive study time. If you complete these 18 hours, you will graduate. You are only taking 12 credit hours this semester. You have enough money for tuition ($100 per credit hour) and room and board but would love some extra spending money
a. Define your problem related to the information above.
  b. What information above would you consider relevant to the decision? Why?
c. What information above would you consider not relevant to the decision? Why?
d. What other factors not provided above might be relevant to the decision?
e. What are some possible alternatives?
f. Which alternative would you choose? Why?

4. With 250 words answer these 3 questions 

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Principles of managerial accounting
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Discuss the relationships among data, information, and knowledge.
Discuss the primary purposes of financial accounting and of managerial accounting.
Discuss why the role of the managerial accountant changed in recent years.


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