Presentation Peer Review

Due this week is your Course Project Presentation. The assignment asks you to create a narrated PowerPoint that reflects what you have learned about your chosen topic over the last 7 weeks. In an effort to ensure you develop the strongest presentation possible, this week you will participate in a peer review in which you will give and receive critical feedback.
For this peer review, you will do the following.

Be assigned to a group by your professor.
Submit your PowerPoint draft, with or without narration, for review by no later than end of day Wednesday. Attach your PowerPoint file in the group discussion.
Review and provide feedback on two of your peers’ drafts by no later than end of day Friday. Provide your reviews as a response to your peers’ initial posts.

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Presentation Peer Review
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In your review, provide developed responses to the following questions.

What is the focus and purpose of the presentation? Write it in your own words.
Do the slides balance text with visuals? If not, what recommendations can you make?
Do the slides provide meaningful content through bullet points as opposed to dense text?
Do the slides present a clear pattern of organization? Why or why not?
Is the use of credible research apparent in the presentation, and are sources correctly cited?
What did you like most about the presentation?
What is one substantive change you would make to the presentation?



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