Prepare an Integrative Case Study

As the final assignment for the course, write a 10 to 12-page integrative paper that brings together content gathered throughout the course into a case study of a specific therapy process for a chosen child-centered problem. To complete this assignment, start by choosing a disorder or common presenting problem for child clients that has been discussed in the course. Then, do each of the following:Give background information regarding the topic—outline the nature of the presenting problem (DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, presenting symptoms, etc.) referencing at least five unique resources that are not from previous assignments or course content (find them in the NCU Library).Provide a hypothetical case description—design a hypothetical case involving a child client and his/her family. In your discussion of the case, address the nature of the problem and how it affects the child and the family (i.e., what does this problem look like for this family?). Describe the process of therapy with this case—in your therapy process description, choose a specific MFT model of therapy that you will use to conceptualize treatment in this case. Your description of the therapy process should include information that addresses the following:a. Beginning the therapy process including initial assessment using your MFT theory of choiceb. The specific process of intervention for the presenting problemc. A discussion of anticipated outcomes (i.e., case prognosis)d. Termination of therapy (i.e., how to assist the child client and family to finish therapy effectively)4. Address each of the following issues within your papera. How will you integrate what you know about diagnostic symptoms into a systemic hypothesis about family functioning? How does your MFT theory guide you in this integration?b. What ethical concerns do you anticipate may arise in the case? How will you prepare for them?c. Who will you need to collaborate with? How will you discuss the collaboration process with the clients? What is your plan for initiating necessary collaborations?

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Prepare an Integrative Case Study
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