POWERPOINTS assignment

POWERPOINTS assignment

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POWERPOINTS assignment
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Top of Form

Over the past 6 weeks, the focus of both your class time and your clinicals has been on leadership. You have discussed what it is, how it is used, the varying manifestations of it, and the impact if can have on others and on nursing as a whole. You’ve been observing and evaluating its use during clinicals. And you have sought to incorporate and demonstrate leadership skills and behaviors into your own work.

Create a 12 to 16-slide presentation (does not include intro or conclusion slides) in which explain your views on leadership, i.e., your own leadership manifesto.

Connect the ideas in your reflections to form your leadership manifesto.

Including the following in your presentation:

Explain what leadership means to you. Refer to your weekly reflections on leadership to develop your overall leadership theory and views. –

· A summary of your clinical experience and how it influenced your views on leadership-

· Any events or factors that were revelatory in determining your views-

· Lessons learned and their influence on your views-

· 1 or 2 components of leadership and communication that you feel are critical to leadership, including a detailed explanation and justification for why they are so critical to good leadership

· Any personal experiences of using leadership skills and what the results were

· How you will integrate leadership skills into your practice

· The role that you see leadership playing in the future of nursing

Include speaker notes and a reference slide with APA-formatted citations. Must have a minimum of 4 references-

Bottom of Form

THE ENTIRE project focus on Management, Leadership, Delegation, & Communication.

Use previous assignments, combine to create a Powerpoint base on above criteria

Each slide consist of 6×6: 6 bulletpoints of 6 words


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