Open   the file Student_PowerPoint_2E_Coasters.pptx downloaded with this project. 
On Slide 2, remove the bullet   symbol from the paragraph, and then Center the paragraph.

With the content placeholder   selected, display the Shape Styles gallery, and then apply the Subtle Effect   – Blue-Gray, Accent 5 style. Apply the Round Convex beveled shape effect to   the placeholder.
  Note—this may be named Art Deco on your system.
On Slide 3, apply Numbering to   the first-level bullet points—Intensity,   Hang Time, and Last Chance. Change all of the second-level bullets to Star   Bullets, and then change the bullet color to under Theme Colors, in the fifth column, the fourth color.
On Slide 3, select the title.   Using the Eyedropper, select the light yellow color of the stripe on the   roller coaster car at the right side of the picture and change the font color   of the title. On Slides 1 and 2, apply the same light yellow color to the   slide title on each slide. 
On Slide 3, apply the Glow: 5   point; Aqua, Accent color 2 picture effect to the picture.
Display Slide 4. Insert the   image p02E_Roller_Coaster.jpg   downloaded with the data files for this project. Crop the picture by dragging   the crop handles so that it’s roughly square in shape.
Align the picture with the top   left corner and then change the Height to 4.5. Modify the Picture Effect by   applying a 50 Point Soft Edges effect.
Duplicate the picture, and then   use the Align to Slide option to align the pictures with the left edge of the   slide and to distribute the pictures vertically.
Insert a Text Box aligned with   the horizontal ruler at 0 inches and with the lower half of the vertical   ruler at 2.5 inch. In the text box, type Starting Summer 2022! Change the Font Size to 28.   Change the Shape Fill to, under Theme Colors, the sixth color in the last   column.
Select the title and the text   box, and then, using the Align Selected Objects option, apply Align Right   alignment. 
Insert a Header & Footer on   the Notes and Handouts. Include the Date and time updated automatically, the Page   number, and a Footer with the text 2E_Coasters
Display the document properties.   As the Tags type coasters.
  Note—Mac users enter keywords instead of tags
Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.

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