Powerpoint Presentation/Calculation

The MobileGo project is making progress implementing the new systems. However, the software upgrades and the new software installation are not complete. The project sponsor has requested an update on the project. Using the  MobileGo Earned Value scenario spreadsheet , complete the following tasks. 

Complete earned value metrics for each line item of the project. 
Use the metrics to create indexes for cost and schedule. 
Explain what the metrics mean in terms of the overall health of the project. 
Project where the project will end in terms of budget and schedule. What potential risks and trade-offs do you see? 
Explain any recommendations you have for improving the project schedule, budget, or both. 

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Powerpoint Presentation/Calculation
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Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that you can give to the project sponsor that explains your calculations, predictions, and recommendations. Remember that you are giving this information to the project sponsor, so consider what he or she would need to know as you draft your presentation. Use at least one outside source to support your recommendations for improvement. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. You must either use speaker notes or audio to fully explain your slides. Be sure to elaborate in your speaker notes or audio; do not simply repeat the text from your slides. Please submit your calculation and presentation for grading. 


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