PowerPoint Presentation (20-25 Slides)

PowerPoint Presentation of 2 Chapters 
***Total of 20-25 Slides

Chapter 11 – Payment Systems for Electronic Commerce
Include the following:
-Common Online Payment Methods 
-Payment Cards
-Digital Cash
-Digital Wallets
-Internet Technologies and the Banking Industry
-Payment System Threats: Phishing and Identity Theft

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PowerPoint Presentation (20-25 Slides)
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Chapter 12 – Managing Electronic Commerce Implementations
 Include the following:
-Identifying Benefits and Estimating Costs of Online Business Initiatives
-Strategies for Developing Electronic Commerce Web Sites
-Managing Electronic Commerce Implementations
Chapters are from the book Electronic Commerce by Gary Schneider 12th edition if possible use book if not possible then normal power presentation using the Chapter Titles and included terms. 


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