– Determine the location of production, the packing required, how distribution will take place, and the retail price of the garment. 

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– Re-evaluate the garment collection and ensure that it has been properly merchandised and is marketable. 

– Describe each step of production and evaluate its impact on the environment. Production: Think about location of production/manufacturing. If produced domestically, indicate where and why. If garments are produced off-shore, indicate where and why. 

Remember, you are producing an eco-friendly, sustainable product, so make sure your choice is the best when it comes to sustainability. Packing requirements: Think about sustainable packing requirements. (Example: Will you use hangers in packaging?). 

Delivery: Be sure to indicate by what date production has to be completed and how and when delivery of goods will take place. How will the products be shipped? Order total: 4,000 


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