POPULATION AND HEALTH PROBLEMAs we discussed in the public health-related trends at the beginning of this class, substance abuse and violence in the U.S have become epidemic. This posting assignment will help you realize how serious the problems are and how PHNs can play significant roles in resolving the issues.Search on the news or articles related to substance abuse or violences in your community or in the U.S. If you have previously chosen one of these issues when you completed Topic 1 discussion, you need to choose the other one.Discuss the significance of the issue (how serious the problem is, what the consequences of the problem are). Use recently published articles to support your discussion.As a community-based nurse, offer at least 3 specific interventions or ideas that you would implement. Use this PHN Intervention Wheel to guide and/or frame your thoughts. PHN Intervention Wheel.pdf Post your discussion on the MDB. Your post should be about 300-350 words and include at least 2 correctly cited references.DIASTER AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE“Disaster!” seems to be a common word we hear often in the news and social medias nowadays. While we will likely never know the full impact of it on people’s lives, we (community-based nurses), should know how to assist the communities in need (from the preparation to the rehabilitation stage). This posting assignment will help you to think about what you can do for your community in times of need.Search and locate the news or articles related to disasters taken place in the US (within the past 7 years). Do not choose COVID-19 since it has been used in prior assignments by multiple classmates.Describe the disaster (in no more than 50 words)- what happened, the impacts, and who were (or could have been) the members of the emergency response team.Imagine yourself as a public health nurse at the department of public health in that community. In 200 words, discuss your professional roles in the emergency stage AND reconstruction/rehabilitation stage.Post your discussion on the MDB. Your entire post should be about 200-250 words and include at least 2 correctly cited references.These are two topics to be written in the same paper,

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